Grey’s Anatomy: I’ve apparently struck a nerve!

I just started blogging less than a week ago. I have a strong opinion and thought I should write about it. Never did I think I would end up ticking off an entire cult of Grey’s Anatomy and Kevin McKidd fans!
Apparently, my blog about Grey’s Anatomy addressing PTSD wasn’t appreciated by some. I saw pieces of my blog posted in discussion forums with people commenting on how unfair my opinion is to the show. I read every single comment about my blog.  I have taken a lot away from everything I read.  But why are you hiding in your discussion forums where I can’t participate?

I’d like to thank the TWO people who defended me on these sites and saw my blog post for what it was.  After reading the countless comments on these websites about how wrong I am, i can’t help but wonder why nobody commented directly to me.  If you really read my entire blog, you will see that I was fair in the way that I stated both sides of the issue.  I’m a fair person and am open to hearing a different opinion.  So please, comment away as we tackle this important issue together!  I’m open minded enough to hear what you have to say.


10 Responses to “Grey’s Anatomy: I’ve apparently struck a nerve!”

  1. Ruralstar Says:

    I am one of those folks from the Kevin McKidd forum. I don’t think you’re an extremist. I think you were not looking at the whole picture GA has been trying to portray. Or giving credit to the research the writers, and Kevin himself, have done. No one is suggesting that every vet suffers from PTSD or that those who do will be as severaly afflicted as the Owen Hunt character. His case was meant as an extreme example of someone who can’t cope with a very traumatic event and has let the situation get out of hand.

    I don’t know your personal story, nor that of your husband or your friends. Maybe there are plenty of services available to all of you. Sadly, there are many documented situations in the US and elsewhere that prove that the millitary is not necessarily as on top of this situation as they need to be. This is your blog and therefore your place to express yourself. I take no offense but I hope you understand that putting your opinions out there invites other to comment publically elsewhere in addition to here and we will do so.

    • andreaseeger Says:

      First of all, thank you for commenting! I have no problem with people commenting publically, in fact, I welcome it. I’d just prefer that you also comment here so we have a discussion. So, please, tell your fellow Kevin McKidd fans to comment here as well.
      I will admit I was not looking at the whole picture in the beginning. What you read was my initial reaction to the show. Even in the end of my blog post I say that I’ll lighten up about the whole thing. I am glad that the issue is being addressed. Although it’s not something I want to think about while I’m trying to relax, I think it’s good to put the issue of PTSD out to the general public.
      As far as the military not being “on top of the situation,” I agree and disagree. Let me first start by saying that the Army has not always been on top of the situation, as PTSD wasn’t always recognized as a real problem. With that said, I feel that things have changed for the better. My husband is returning from Iraq very soon and will have to participate in the “Yellow Ribbon Program,” where he will have to take me with him on a weekend retreat to talk about the change of being home. He doesn’t have to do this just once, but at the 30, 60, and 90 day period after he returns. In addition, I was briefed for an entire day about anticipating PTSD and suicide prevention. And in case that isn’t enough, my husband and I are going to have to sit down with a MFLAC (Military Family Life Assistance Counselor) where we will again discuss the change of his return home. I don’t want to sound like propaganda for the Army, but my experience has shown that they are taking PTSD seriously and want to do everything they can to help soldiers who are suffering with it. This isn’t something that’s offered to us because we are special…every soldier gets this. They may not have always had this available, but it is now and we need to take note of that.
      Thanks again for your response and I hope to hear more from you.

      • Ruralstar Says:

        I have read recently that the army in particular is stepping up to deal with PTSD and other re-entry issues. I’m pleased to hear it.

        I can understand why thinking about this subject would be upsetting to any family member of a returning service person. I thank you for understanding our position as not only fans but fellow Americans who support our service personel no matter our political affiliations.

        I will pass on your request to comment to the folks on the kmkforum. And I will bookmark your blog. I wish you and your family good luck..

  2. Maya Says:

    I am from the same board that Ruralstar is from, and I think what I took from your original comments Andrea were that while you understand why Grey’s is doing this storyline, you don’t want to see it taking over the show every week when you just want to enjoy the show?

    I can understand that, especially when a storyline like that hits so close to home, my two best friends are in the army, one just back from Iraq the other in Afghanistan. This storyline has really made me more aware of what I might have to deal with. On a personal level my friend that was in Iraq has a mild case of PSTD, so Owen’s storyline has really hit home for me even though her case is not as severe. I agree with you that the army is starting to come around with PSTD, but at the same time it is not fully acknowledged as an urgent problem which is unfortunate.

    As Ruralstar has eloquently mentioned, the writers and researchers at Grey’s have really put a lot into researching this topic, especially Kevin he really wants to do justice to the men and women in the armed forces.

    If anything has come of this, at least the writers are doing their job in getting a discussion going about this topic, whether we agree with each other or not. Its at least bringing a topic like PSTD to the front lines. Its important to hear all sides of the story, thank you for sharing yours.

    • andreaseeger Says:

      Thanks for your comment. I agree that the writers have certainly done a great job of sparking discussion about this topic. It’s something that needs to be addressed to everyone, military and civilian alike.
      It is good to hear that the writers and Kevin McKidd put a lot into researching this topic. As I mentioned before, I intially thought their method was poor but when I considered how Army Wives addressed the issue I actually thought GA did it better. It was interesting to me how I did not react in the same way to Army Wives, which is why I felt the need to explore this in my blog post. It was this exploration that actually lead me to cut GA some slack and see where the story line takes us. I think this part was misinterpreted by some so I hope this helps add clarity.
      I’m so glad you took the comment and I hope to hear from more of your group!

  3. Maya Says:

    You’re welcome. I actually think I know which forum you are talking about, the poster that posted part of what you wrote conveniently chose a section that would seem completely negative. Without naming the forum, I know that I actually read what you wrote in its entirety, and could see you were trying to be fair in it and you even said you were going to give the show a chance on this. I think you might have seen my response to that person’s post saying that it wasn’t a negative review at all, just trying to show all sides. That particular board is notorious for bashing, etc. the moderators let people who start the bashing stick around and the ones who try to show all sides are the ones who get banned or suspended. So don’t take them too seriously. Unlike that board, the people on our forum are trying to learn more about PSTD from the Grey’s storyline, and are genuinely interested in the topic.

    My friend’s wife (Sherry Saum) was on Army Wives, but I haven’t seen it because we don’t get it here. The upside I think is that Grey’s is a higher profile show and will bring even more attention to this topic, but I also think that just because the character is in therapy, he is not going to be magically cured one day. They are (hopefully) going to show the more realistic struggle of how he gets better.

    Have you seen the movie The Best Years of Our Lives? Its about guys coming home from WWI, They usually play it around Veteran’s Day on TCM, it is one of the first movies to address PSTD when there wasn’t even a term for it. I think there are clips of it on YouTube. Its interesting to look back at that movie now and see how little things have actually changed.

    • andreaseeger Says:

      Yes I believe we are talking about the same post. As I recall, once the point was brought up that I wasn’t being negative, the topic changed immediately to something else lol.
      I would very much like to see more of Owen’s story that led up to his trauma. I think I’m going to have to be patient with this since, as you mentioned, he’s in therapy and it won’t cure itself over night.
      I haven’t seen that movie you mentioned but i will keep my eye out for it. Maybe that will turn into another blog! lol

  4. Maya Says:

    Have you seen the season premiere by any chance? You can see a total difference in him. After her returns a few episodes later, he is completely different. I think you can view those episodes on the home page. Keep in mind he doesn’t return until a few episodes later.

  5. kaz Says:

    Hi there

    I’m chiming in to say thank you for inviting a dialogue on this. I’m from the same forum as the above two. We like to chat, obviously.

    After reading your initial blog, my thoughts were that part of the reason the storyline is extreme is because it’s a tv show and has a certain drama quotient to fulfil. I don’t think that necessarily means they’re being unrealistic, only that they are taking the most severe scenario and using it to serve several purposes. Also, as has been stated above, I know that the writers and Kevin have done a lot of research on this and are committed to trying to get it right.

    It’s such a subjective thing though. Even if they’d applied a lighter touch, there would be other people out there saying and thinking that they weren’t giving the storyline the gravitas it deserves.

    Aside from that, I think Maya and Ruralstar have eloquently stated everything that I would want to on this topic so I don’t really need to add anything more. I just wanted you to at least know that I’m reading and admire the way you’ve handled the situation. Too many times when there are differences of opinion, people get positional and defensive and noone really listens to what the other person is saying. That’s a shame because I think there is a lot to learn from other people’s experiences.

    • andreaseeger Says:

      Thanks for your comment and all you had to say. I think you and the people in your forum are a real class act. I appreciate that the three of you were so forthcoming when I invited you to discuss this topic with me and I hope to discuss more topics with you in the future. And, for the record, I do see your point about how GA had to do something extreme to drive the point home. I think I was arriving to that conclusion when I compared Grey’s to Army Wives in my blog. Although I don’t think I would be upset if his reaction was more low key, I do think you’re right about people saying that isn’t fair as well.
      Now I must go because I’m writing this during the commercial breaks of GA and I don’t want to miss anything!

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